Most BTC friendly US Bank? (or least invasive)

Anyone recommend a bank that minds its own business and doesn’t make you feel like a criminal for using Coinbase or Gemini?

Ive never heard of a bank calling up and asking the purpose for an INCOMING wire from Coinbase. Suffice it to say I am livid. I wonder if this is part of the recent asshole behavior of credit card companies classifying btc purchases as cash advances (or flat out denying them).

Which banks do people suggest are the least obnoxious when it comes to transferring money via wire to btc exchanges once in a while?

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From where I can buy bitcoin using my credit-card while in Pakistan from a site similar to Coinbase and not P2P or meeting physically?

Hello everyone,

I live in Pakistan. I want to buy bitcoin, not much maybe just USD $100 or even fewer. I never bought bitcoin before. I would like to buy using my credit-card through some most reliable famous website, something similar to Coinbase or some other reliable exchange. However, Coinbase doesn’t allow me (from Pakistan) to buy/sell bitcoin.

I don’t want to buy from Pakistani websites. Most of them are sketchy at best and unreliable.

I also don’t want to buy by physically meeting anyone locally. Sketchy and scary as hell in Pakistan (don’t want to be kidnapped, robbed and murdered).

I am also avoiding P2P exchanges, seems sketchy for a first time buyer like me. What if I send money and don’t get bitcoin in return. Moreover, I would like to buy using my credit-card.

I am hoping that any of you may guide me in the right direction.

P.S. How safe is Coinmama? Anyone used it?

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Coinbase Alternatives

Now I’m sure coinbase will resolve their issues and people will get reimbursed their money evebtually. But with tons of people out there getting charged tons of money errantly, I’m not exactly dying to throw money back at coinbase. What are everyone’s opinions or other exchanges that allow USD pairings like Gemini, Kraken, etc.. Maybe the best option is waiting for something like Robinhood to begin offering their services to everyone? (Not necessarily looking to add to my positions right at this moment). Just trying too get some opinions from people out there in the community. Thanks!

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