How to get a Halo movie made

Ever since *Halo 2* released in in November 2004, Microsoft has wanted a *Halo* movie. Originally, Microsoft was going through with it, and workinh with Universal and 20th Century Fox. It fell apart as Microsoft demanded 15% of the box office (one studio would get 50%, and the other would get 35%). Eventually Fox and Universal told Microsoft bye bye. From the ashes of the project rose one of the best sci-fi films ever, *District 9*. Since then, people have wondered if Microsoft will ever do another attempt to bring their biggest franchise to the big-screen. I am a big fan of *Halo* and movies, and have always felt that *Halo* would fit so well on the big screen. Here’s how I think a *Halo* film could happen.

The 1st thing is who should Microsoft team up with to make the movie. I say the biggest film studio in the world, Disney. However, I wouldn’t have Microsoft simply hand *Halo* over to Disney. Here’s how I would have it go down. Microsoft has 100% control, which includes distribution. Microsoft then offers if Disney helps pitch in and put money into the project, they’ll get a slice of the pie. I would offer Disney 80-85% of the box office. Microsoft needs to learn how to be diplomatic and negotiate. This wouldn’t be an issue, as Microsoft makes generally $215,773,920 daily. So them only getting 15-20% of the BO wouldn’t lead to MS losing money at all.

How would the movie be made is interesting. Big movies today have budgets from $200-$300 million. I would want the movie to be 100% entirely CG. I would have the CG work done by Blur Studio or Axis Animation. They did the cinematics for [*Halo Wars*](, [*Halo 4 Spartan Ops*](, [*Halo 2 Anniversary*](, [*Halo 5: Guardians* opening](, and [*Halo Wars 2*]( Their work has been nothing short of spectacular and looks like a movie. Supposedly Blur costs $1 million per minute. I would see the movie in total being a little over 3 hours long and be rated R. However, I would have the theatrical cut be a little over 2 and a half hours and PG-13. So if the rumors are true, it would cost around a little over $200 million, which wouldn’t be an issue for 2 mega corporations. For the cast, I would have the voice cast from the games return for characters they’ve voiced. For other characters not yet voiced, I would get well know voice talent, I don’t want celebrities, as it would take me out.

As for what story in the *Halo* Universe that would be told, I would choose *Halo: The Fall of Reach*. It is an incredible novel, and would be best to finally bring *Halo* to the big screen and a worldwide audience. People would love the movie (in general, people love the novel) and it would be such a box office smash hit. This would then lead to Microsoft wanting to another movie, the next I would choose being *Halo: Contact Harvest*. I think this could very well happen, and I think it would be incredible to finally see *Halo* on the big screen. Just the 2 cents of a big fan of *Halo* and movies.

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