Does anyone remember a show with extremely mean practical jokes from the 1990s hosted by a guy named Mark Pitta?

The show had several segments where the victim was literally horrified: They had a guy hired to be night security guard at a construction site built “over an Indian burial site” and then in the middle of the night “dead people” start coming out of the ground and the guy ran. There were a few more but the one I am looking for, which is of historical significance because it was done before Rodney King riots is this: There are new hires on a garbage truck and they park the truck in front of a place to get lunch where a fake police motorcycle is parked and the guy is told to push the button to close the back of the truck or something but instead the truck’s mechanism picks up the motorcycle and crushes it. Then the cop comes out. In each case the victim was a Black guy and was obviously terrified. This is not something I think that could be broadcast again and maybe the footage was destroyed; I never saw it again. EDIT: This was Totally Hidden Video

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A huge problem on Altered Carbon is ..


(spoilers follow)

The actress is horrible and seems to have been hired for her tits, and tick the PC checkbox. I don’t know why she has such a prominent part, from what I read she’s a minor char in the books. I read earlier that her character improved after the first few episodes, but it absolutely doesn’t, and her acting is just as wooden.

They made her as powerful as Envoys which is ridiculous. The scene where she can go hand to hand (never mind the bionic arm) with multiple copies of a super assassin like Rei, who would kill a street cop in 2s with both hands tied back, is absolute nonsense.

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What’s the deal with Puppy Dog Pals season 2?

I’ve read that the second season has been approved but I can’t find anything else about it. The first season was great but it’s only one short season and everone in my family who watches it with my Nephew had memorized every episode at this point. Its the best kids show these days. None of us like Vampirina and my SiL doesn’t like the kid superhero one because there is nothing educational about it. We are all desprate for a new PDP new season. I think it’s been almost a year or something like that since the first one. Anyone heard or can find any info about it? Even just a season premier date would be great.

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