Daily Discussion, March 13, 2018

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* the dip
* the moon
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* price going down
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* Hardware wallets
* Lambos
* Teslas
* Pizza
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* Earning Bitcoin
* Storing Bitcoin
* Buying Bitcoin
* Selling Bitcoin
* That thing your coworker said
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* Future speculation
* News of the day
* Memes, GIFs
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50 thoughts on “Daily Discussion, March 13, 2018

  1. recyclops-robotheart March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    Can someone suggest me reading material on how to use a hardware wallet securely? I’m thinking of getting a ledger nano s. Need to take my btc off Coinbase to hodl, thanks

  2. ClassyCoder March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    Bitcoin is trending towards 8k with the upper limit shrinking.

  3. _pillan_ March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    bitcoin now is basically a trench warfare-

  4. TattooDesignerr March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    By the end of 2018 btc going to the Moon 🙂 25k at least 🙂

  5. benjamminson March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    If they truly smother Bitcoin by hijack, just as they disable anything that will take away their profit and power, the digital revolution will become a physical revolution…Yea, Them.

  6. grtrjyutrt March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    lol each small pump gets shut down by the bears

  7. ModerateStockTrader March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    Mods will you unpin the old discussion thread? It took me longer than I care to admit that I was reading old comments.

  8. set-271 March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    Well, crypto is in a bear market and is pretty darn boring. But considering world events and rising tensions, I still HODL strong. All it takes is one event to throw off world economies and put us into a recession worse than 2008. And next time that happens, there will be no bail out as there will be no money left to bail anyone out. There is no Plan A. USD continues to decrease in value, US Deficit keeps rising…HODL strong to your Crypto. GLTA

  9. grtrjyutrt March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    I guess day traders right now are feasting on easy buy and sell targets

  10. Rapintas13 March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    Those ups and downs today are ridiculous!! We all finally gonna hate bitcoin!

  11. LongfellowShortcock March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    Hey guys I have some noob questions about day trading bitcoin. I’ve never traded anything but I have some spare cash (2k) and I’ve been watching the markets like it’s a sport and would like to try my hand. Am I right at assuming that it wouldn’t be worth it for me to try and time jumps and falls due to the transaction fees? Like if I bought in at 8800 and sold at 9400 with 2k would that be worth it?

  12. grtrjyutrt March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    such a boring day today. Whales are going to get frustrated and say that’s enough.

  13. dAb74 March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    **yawn** I fell asleep at the trading wheel, did I miss anything?

  14. Druddenjemad March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    I dont understand the people selling at 8.9-9k range, it’s still so cheap and as soon if/as we go back to 8.5 we’re gonna pump up so why risk it?!

  15. Eater_Of_Meat March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    Almost 4pm and I am wondering if will we see a dump.

  16. RetroBoy612 March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    Is it my connection or gdax website is down?

  17. Wolfyyy_UK March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    Something is gonna happen soon its way too quiet.

  18. BitcoinAlways March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    Do you think there will come a time when the price of Bitcoin is far more stable? Like go up or down less then $100 for weeks?

  19. pwgerhardt March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    First post…this is fun to watch

  20. Sterrix March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    VOLUME UP, FUD UP, price range bound!! Me thinks we’re going up boys, Goldman’s gotta make their coin!

  21. mdk72002 March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    Be thinks he’s going to make it…

  22. kamran7860 March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    Yes. The world needs to be united otherwise we would just destroy ourselves

  23. mzbitchin March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    Hi! Pardon me if my understanding of bitcoin is inaccurate, but does anyone else feel as if Bitcoin could potentially help to pave the path toward one world government? Please, no name-calling. Im not a conspiracy theorist, but the thought of it being used as a tool to eventually centralize world authority seems possible. Im wondering what everyone’s thoughts are?

  24. mfmenace March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    I need someone to tickle me and tie me up to chains as I start to giggle and pretend to nibble my way out while I’m being whipped and spit on as I begin to moan and cherish every bit of the torture I am experiencing, making exaggerating efforts to crawl away as I’m enjoying the sensation of being called a whore. In addition, Robert became friends with Emily. Emily is Tom’s cousin and a friend of Jonas. Jonas began to wonder how big his 7 month old German Shepard could get. He decided to call an expert and get all of the information. However, Emily did not help Jonas. The next day, Emily and Tom went out for ice cream. There were so many flavors it was starting to become frustrating. Finally, the flavor they chose was vanilla. The end.

  25. CrypticallyDodge March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    Larger investors and bots are squeezing out every last wanna be trader. This is going to continue until there is zero point in being a day trader in this space, then things might progress again

  26. rootbeerspin March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    Win for long term holders. People who do swing trade RIP.

  27. cryptkeepin March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    Alright that’s it I’m staying put. I have a stack of BTC and BNB I’m going to step out of the market for a few minutes.

  28. uacGALACTIC March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    Hold your breath boyos we’re going for a swim in the waters of $8k

    …..with a stone attached to our ankles.

  29. CryptoNovice93 March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    This market fucking blows. All I do is be a degenerate gambler on bitmex now that its near impossible to make money elsewhere

  30. _CryptoEnthusiast March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    During the 9.5 years since Bitcoins creation everytime Bitcoin has dropped by a % like it has it has always come back and gone far above the previous all time high, this has happened 100% of the time, repeatedly and I don’t think this time will be any different.
    Its a question of patience…

  31. BitcoinAlways March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    **Down But Not Out: Bitcoin Remains on Hunt for $10K**


    Bitcoin (BTC) is reporting losses today, having failed to beat the key moving average resistance on Monday, however, the technical charts continue to favor a rally to $10,000.

    Bitcoin ran into bids in early European hours yesterday, rising to a four-day high of $9,885, adding credence to Sunday’s bullish “outside day” candle. Further, BTC also witnessed a bull flag breakout (a bullish continuation pattern) on the hourly chart.

  32. inforcrypto March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    Which one hurts more ? Investing 10K and losing all, or saving 10K but missing out on making 50K ?

    To me missing out on making big money would hurt more than losing my current amount of money.

  33. BuyHighSellLow123 March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    honestly if you’re buying in right now, you have balls of steel.

  34. deselby_III March 14, 2018 / 4:01 am

    I understand the allure of consistent profits from trading, but if you’re not trading on insider info or extremely lucky, you’ll lose money in the long run.

    Buy and hold beats every single strategy out there.

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