Me [23 M] with my boyfriend [29 M]. He lied by omission about meeting his friend (ex)

Ok, so…

Basically, it’s something trivial, maybe, but I have serious trust issues and this is really killing me.

My boyfriend’s best friend is his ex (they broke up like 2+ years ago), and that’s something I really have no issue with at all. Most of my exes are good friends now (I realize this is not as common in straight relationships).

So, today after work my boyfriend didn’t reply to me for around 3 hours. He then wrote me “sorry, fb didn’t pop a notification”. Anyway, I asked him what did he do today, etc, and he said “nothing really, cook, chill, etc”. However, I’m 100% certain that he met his best friend (who went to his place). So… After chit chatting for 5-10 mins (saying what I did etc) I asked again if he do anything interesting, and he said “no, just chill at home” and that’s it.

Now… I’m usually very paranoid, but I don’t really feel jealous. I’m just at a shock that he lied by omission about something so “trivial”, and so I am rather confused.

Should I be worried? Or am I overthinking it? Please note that I have never acted jealous with him or tried to make him “not meet someone”. So… What now?

**tl;dr**: Bf met his friend (who is also his ex) at his place. He told me he “cooked and then chilled the rest of the day” when I asked him what did he do today. (Sorry for the bad English)

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2 thoughts on “Me [23 M] with my boyfriend [29 M]. He lied by omission about meeting his friend (ex)

  1. medicalconnundrum February 14, 2018 / 5:31 am

    Uhm, yeah, that’s extremely worrying and concerning. How do you know his best friend spent the day with him?

  2. Altalternateacct February 14, 2018 / 5:31 am

    How’s that a lie by omission? That’s a lie by lying.

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