My (24F) new roommate (29F)’s dog bit me

I just moved in to this house a week ago. I have a dog (3 y/o M) who is very well behaved. My roommate’s dog (1 y/o F) is a psycho; she’s attacked my dog 3 times since we’ve been here but last night I went to break up the fight and she bit my hand. I was hysterical but roommate didn’t even apologize, saying that her dog was pretty beat up too (my dog was trying to defend himself, 3 other people saw what happened and there’s no question he was trying to stop fighting). She saw this happen and hasn’t tried to talk to me or apologize. I have a month-to-month agreement with this roommate (I don’t know the landlord, although I have her name) but I feel like I can’t stay another week because my dog’s safety is at stake. The other roommate says this dog has gone after him and I’ve seen this dog bite my boyfriend’s hand (she drew blood but it’s not as deep as my bites so he didn’t seek medical care). I told roommate that her dog bit my boyfriend and she denied that it ever happened, and says “my dog never bites down hard.”

I went to urgent care today to see if I needed stitches. They said they would’ve stitched me up last night but that today it’s too badly inflamed to do anything so they just wrapped my fingers and gave me antibiotics. They made me file a dog bite report. I felt awful because I know this dog might have to be put down and I had to give roommate’s name and contact info, but this dog is out of control so I’m glad I reported it in the end. They said they would probably contact the owner/roommate to make sure the dog had all her shots (she has, she was recently adopted from a shelter) but I know my roommate is going to be livid when she finds out I reported her. I’m afraid she’s going to retaliate against me or my dog.

So now I’m looking for new places. I had to pay for urgent care out of pocket and I probably won’t get the rest of the month’s rent back. I’ll also have to pay for doggy day care until I move since I don’t trust leaving my dog here. I’d like to try to get some of this paid for by my roommate (but I don’t know where to start), but mainly I’m just scared. She’s so unreasonable/denies that this is a problem and I already have anxiety so I’m freaking out.

TL;DR: I’m afraid of my roommate retaliating against me/my dog for reporting that her dog bit me.

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2 thoughts on “My (24F) new roommate (29F)’s dog bit me

  1. BeckyDaTechie March 14, 2018 / 4:38 am

    Your roommate doesn’t deserve a dog. The animal sounds either severely insecure in it’s environment or too devoted to guarding its territory to be safe to be around. She might save the dog’s life after reading the book “BAT 2.0” by Grisha Stewart and getting the help of a positive reinforcement-based trainer.

    You should probably talk to an R+ trainer to help with your dog’s reaction after the fight *while you look for a better roommate*. The other dog is unlikely to let this go. Your pup will be nervous the rest of the time you live there.

  2. vinylly March 14, 2018 / 4:38 am

    I am upset that she was able to adopt the dog from the shelter! Don’t they do background checks? No home inspections? No compatibility testings? Geez! If they knew she works so much and still let her adopt, this is crazy, and especially if the dog has special needs or is high energy.

    I hope you can find a new place soon.

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