My [32 F] girlfriend cheated on me [26 M] a year ago and has lied to me when I’ve brought it up. Now I found out she lied about how many times, what should I do?

I [26 M] have been with my [32 F] GF for three years and I recently found out two months ago that she cheated on me last summer with someone. I knew it happened and she kept lying to me and wouldn’t be honest until I went through her computer and found out. She treated me like shit for going through her things and finding out but I didn’t have another way.

Recently I’ve been asking her how many times it happened and she said it only happened once, which I am not stupid to believe.

She kept saying once and I just recently found out that it was all summer and he was gone a lot but every time he would come back, they would hang out. I forgave her after finding out but now that this has come up, I don’t know what to do

Any suggestions or experience? Thank you Reddit!


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