Should I? Me [Female/21], Other person [Male,21]

Hey everyone, so I have a question. So this past weekend I went to this conference for a college state wide club meeting and I saw this really cute guy, but I never got the chance to talk with him. Since I never got the chance to talk to him I did not know who he was. I eventually figured out what school he went to and went on school’s club Facebook page to find out his name since I didn’t know him. I eventually found out this guy’s name and found him on Instagram. I want to follow him and DM him and eventually start taking to him, but I don’t have any friends in common with him. My question is would it be really weird if I follow this guy and message him even though we’ve never met before ?

Saw this cute guy in person, but never met him. Is it weird if I DM’d him on Instagram?

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One thought on “Should I? Me [Female/21], Other person [Male,21]

  1. BronzePlayerSmitee February 14, 2018 / 1:04 pm

    No not weird at all, don’t let the social norm of a guy messaging a girl potentially ruin something that could be great, you only regret what you don’t do in life

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