5 thoughts on “[Spoilers] How would you improve the MCU (movies only)?

  1. relikter February 14, 2018 / 4:18 am

    Thoughts on how I’d change each film in the MCU:

    * IM could’ve used a post-credit scene with a shadowy Ten Rings figure implying that they’re still after Stark. I think it would help tie this franchise together better to make it clear that he was fighting the same group in IM and IM3. As it is, after he defeats Stane you’re left thinking “Well, that’s it – bad guys vanquished!”, instead I’d like the implication that Stane was just a lackey answering to a more dangerous villain.
    * TIH is made better simply by watching it after CA:TFA. Having Cap’s super-soldier serum introduced in advanced helps explain Ross’ goals and Blonksy’s transformation.
    * IM2 needed a better villain; maybe with a Ten Rings connection to tie in with IM and IM3.
    * Thor’s hair needed to be better in his first movie. His movies are better when he’s not on Earth, and he spends most of this one there.
    * TFA’s 3rd act felt very rushed, and I think the movie had one too many montages.
    * Avengers could’ve given Hawkeye more to do, but otherwise this is a good film.
    * IM3 could’ve done w/o the kid, or could’ve used a callback with Tony recognizing the Ten Rings symbol from his time in the cave; that would’ve been a great way to show triggers for his PTSD.
    * TDW needs a lot of work. The villains are underdeveloped, there’s too much exposition, Marvel wasn’t sure what type of movie Thor should be in, Darcy didn’t need to be brought back, and she certainly didn’t need an intern.
    * TWS is great; I wouldn’t change anything.
    * GotG is great; I wouldn’t change anything.
    * AoU needed to feel more epic. We’re supposed to believe that Ultron has the Avengers on the run and on the ropes, but they never seemed to struggle. They had one real defeat (the battle at Klaue’s followed by the Hulkbuster fight), and suddenly they’re in shambles; you’d think they’d never faced adversity before. I’d also have liked to had a better scene explaining how/why Ultron recruited the Maximoff twins. It seems like a lot of Thor’s side quest was left on the editing room floor, and his involvement with Vision’s birth seems kinda forced without it.
    * Ant-Man could’ve used more villain development. Just a scene or two showing that Cross had been experimenting on himself, and it’d left him unstable. Maybe he’d been trying out the YJ suit in advance, which would help explain how he was so proficient with it in the final battle.
    * CW was great; I wouldn’t change anything.
    * Doctor Strange was good, but I wish Christine had more to do.
    * GotG Vol2 had too much forced humor. The foreshadowing was also a little heavy-handed for my tastes, and it feels spoon-fed to the audience.
    * SM:HC was great; I wouldn’t change anything.
    * Ragnarok was great; I wouldn’t change anything.

  2. gray_decoyrobot February 14, 2018 / 4:18 am

    Thor 2 being more focused on the other Nine Realms and drawing closer from Walt Simonson’s run. Maybe introduce Balder.

    Iron Man 2 ditching the SHIELD plot and focusing more on Demon in the Bottle.

    Have a Black Widow and Hawkeye movie or an Ant-Man movie in 2009.

  3. LittleYellowFish1 February 14, 2018 / 4:18 am

    TBH it would have been nice to have the rights to the Fox characters a lot earlier, though I suppose part of the reason the MCU has been so surprising so far is that it’s worked really well without them.

    So I’d probably have an X-Men and Fantastic Four film in 2015. And maybe introduce Namor and/or a few of the other Hulk characters like A-Bomb or Red Hulk.

    Also, maybe give Leader something to do.

  4. captain_crowfood February 14, 2018 / 4:18 am

    Introduce Dr Doom as the next big bad after Thanos. I think one thing that the Marvel films get criticized for is that their villains’ charcters aren’t as well developed as their heroes. Dr Doom is easily one of the most iconic villains Marvel ever had. We’ve been given 2 failed attempts at a Fantastic Four franchise, now is a good time to take a risk and introduce the F4 to the shared universe but do it from Doom’s perspective, give us a villain’s origin story. That way we get to see a bad guy evolve over time. The humanity in Marvel’s villains was always Marvel’s strength in the comics, that should be their objective moving forward, but that’s just my opinion. I love all of the film’s, I just want more interesting villains.

  5. DepressionOcean February 14, 2018 / 4:18 am

    Thor 4 with same director as thor 3.

    iron man 4 that is as good as ironman 1 to really wrap up ironman as a character, maybe like Logan style.

    a new origin movie for hulk using the current actor and the old hulk movie being retconned from the MCU

    xmen and f4 being subtly and gradually added in some time after infinity war.

    hawkeye being acknowledged as the most powerful avenger.

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