One thought on “What are some useful Linkedin tricks that you know of?

  1. r-Dwalo March 14, 2018 / 2:49 am

    Tips, speaking from personal experience…

    1. **Be careful and be more selective of who you accept an invitation to connect with on LinkedIn.** To be nice, and as most career coaches usually recommend you do, I’ve accepted invite requests from connections of connections, and other strangers who appeared legit but I’ve never met or networked with. Some of these people have been a good decision, leading to sharing of professional shop-talk and sharing of career insights. Others however, had hidden agendas.

    2. Within an hour of accepting some invites to connect, **they will send unsolicited marketing information and or sales pitches.** Several sent multiple emails within 24 hours of connecting, talking nonsense about how their B2B services can improve your company’s profits. Needless to say, I severed ties immediately and blocked.

    3. Also, I’ve lessened the amount of time I spend on LinkedIn overall because I have found that **it is teeming with predatory “dirty old men.”** They will send unsolicited messages to young professional women, tinged with innuendos, asking if you’re interested in “new professional opportunities.” I’ve had to report and block many of these men because believe me when I say, the opportunity they were offering is most certainly not professional and is illegal in 49 states.

    4. **Some people use LinkedIn as if it were a dating site.** Be on guard at all times.

    5. Always remember, **LinkedIn is NOT Facebook.** Another reason I log in less and less is because people are posting things that are not career related. I’ve found that I’ve had to mute/unfollow many connections, while also constantly reconfiguring my feed to wipe out all the riff raff. The service has actually turned into social media akin to Twitter and Instagram, rather than a professional site where professionals share pertinent career related information within their respective industries.

    6. **Don’t pay for the premium services** or for the job search services. Neither will yield you the results they claim. Use the free trial periods and cancel before they expire.

    TLDR: proceed with caution, many pitfalls without much reward. filled with a lot of ‘dirty old men.’

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