2 thoughts on “What’s the worse/most regrettable thing you’ve ever discovered from stalking someone on FB or other social media?

  1. Jessieann23 February 13, 2018 / 2:43 am

    I had a co-worker who stated her husband worked in another city about 2 hours away, she would visit him every Friday and come back on Sundays. From what I gathered he never came to our city to visit. He never came to town for the holidays, it was always her that went to him. I made comments about hanging out together with our spouses and she always had an excuse. He also didn’t have a social media account, which isn’t that uncommon. I never really paid much attention to it. I just thought they had a good setup for how things worked for their relationship.

    Well fast forward to working together for over a year, her and my supervisor aren’t on great terms. My coworker makes some remarks on how she confided in our supervisor when she first was hired about a personal situation that might cause some issues in her work performance. Well, when my co-worker brought this up to me, some questions started popping in the back of my mind. So I just decided to Google my co-workers husbands name. And sure enough there was a mug shot of him. And a little blurb of how he was in prison for raping 2 underage female family members…. and I was in complete shock. The prison wasn’t in the city the co-worker was saying he lived in but it was pretty close and she was visiting him every weekend. Every comment made and the situation, it all made sense. I never brought it up to my co-worker. She had put her 2 weeks notice in at this point, so I played blissfully stupid when she made comments about her husband. But I definitely regretted finding that info. It made me scream internally Every time we talked about him. So that’s what I regret finding on the internet (I know it wasn’t social media) but I felt like it applied.

  2. voidofimpulse February 13, 2018 / 2:43 am

    One comment here said “she had a boyfriend”. Yeah that tends to be the main one you regret finding out. That they either have a gf or bf.

    Mine personally was when I stumbled upon an acquaintance I had met and decided to visit their page. I found a week old post talking about a party she threw. Someone asked “is void coming?”. Her response: “Nah I didn’t invite him. He’s kinda boring.” Fuck me I guess.

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