2 thoughts on “You Think Me Strange. Good Strange Or Bad Strange?

  1. D00M2099 March 14, 2018 / 12:49 am

    My personal opinion as to what makes *Thor* a great Phase One MCU film:

    The movie *Thor*, though with a typical three act structure fitting of the first phase of the MCU, sets up Thor’s character nicely. Thor starts his journey still trying to mature with his power while anticipating a proclamation as the new King of Asgard.

    The attack by the Frost Giants incites Thor’s rage and he charges over to Jotunheim to exact his revenge. Odin has to show up to intervene, only for Thor to yell “*Father, we’ll finish them together!*” and Odin to yell “*Silence!*”.

    It’s important to show the relationship between these two and also of Loki’s relationships with each of them. I rank Loki as my favourite villain in the MCU, and he gets a lot of development in the first movie.

    When Thor one-shots the ‘Rancor’ thing, it’s pretty epic.

    The scene with Coulson (“*I need eyes up high with a gun.*”), Hawkeye (“*You better call it Coulson, I’m starting to root for this guy.*”) and Sitwell (murdered by The Winter Soldier during *CA: TWS*) at the Mjolnir site is establishing world-building and revealing a Thor Odinson who has hit rock bottom.

    The action is quick, but effectively showcases the power of Thor, especially during Thor’s redemption and takedown of Loki’s Destroyer in the third act.

    “*He whoever holds this hammer if he be worthy shall possess the power of Thor.*”

    Thor trashes the Destroyer, creating a tornado and lifting the Destroyer, and ultimately driving his hammer down through the full might of its blast.

    Thor and Loki’s battle over the Bifrost is intense, and sets up the conflict that Loki will bring to the first assembly of the *Avengers*.

    Overall, a solid introduction to the Thor franchise that sets up one of the MCU’s best villains, and one of the greatest heroes for that matter, and does a good job of debuting the cosmic side of the MCU.

    Edit: Corrected the Sitwell comment.

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